TRADE WITH US: Fresh Cut Culinary Herbs

TRADE WITH US: Fresh Cut Culinary Herbs


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Can edible flowers, fresh culinary & medicinal herbs be paid for in joy?

These plants bring us flavor, color and elevate our kitchen experience in a very particular way that nothing else can. Money can’t buy that.

So instead of trading all of our herbs for money, we want to create a conversation, a community & share abundance.

So here is what we propose:

For one year, starting in July 2019, If you have something you would like to trade with us in exchange for edible flowers or herbs. Reach out.

Here are some ideas of what we’d love to trade for, but don’t limit yourself to this list. If you have something you think we could really use, reach out!

  1. Something you have in abundance.

  2. Something you have raised, made or grown – preserves, hand-dyed tea towels, sourdough, kiddo clothes (our little dude grows so darn fast), home-brewed beer, fresh produce, cheese, eggs or anything you’ve been making that you’re absolutely passionate about.

  3. A skill that you have that would be useful to us – BOOKKEEPING, filming, photography, copy writing, sewing or just good old WEED PULLING.

  4. A skill you could teach us – butchery, bee keeping, wild foraging, fermentation, bow hunting or anything that brings us closer to the natural world.

  5. Something that we don’t currently make or grow ourselves that would shorten our household list – coffee, exotic spices, chocolate, eco-friendly dish soap, olive oil. If you’re going to buy something like this to trade please consider how it is sourced & where it is purchased.

  6. But seriously, whatever.

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