Everyday Green - SENCHA

Everyday Green - SENCHA


Premium, 100% traceable tea

Flavor: vegetal, nutty, bright

Our SENCHA tea is a beautiful, no-fuss, everyday green tea. It is different than most as it includes small twigs of the Camillia Sinensis tea plant as well as full leaves. Once the tea is dried, it is then high-fired. This process brings forth a more complex flavor of reminiscent of nut butter and fresh herbs.


One of the peculiarities of the green tea leaves used in Sencha is that they’re not shaded before harvest like those used in Matcha and Gyokuro. Immediately after harvest, fresh tea leaves are steamed, kneaded, shaped, dried, and high-fired. This process takes about four hours and once completed, Sencha leaves weigh about one-fifth of what they did at harvest. What makes Sencha green tea leaves different from Matcha and Gyokuro green tea leaves.? They’re not shaded before harvest.

50g (about 25 cups)

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