PRAIRIES TEA - Sea Buckthorn - Limited Edition

PRAIRIES TEA - Sea Buckthorn - Limited Edition


Premium, 100% traceable, prairie-grown herbal tea

Flavor: bright, slightly tart, herbaceous

Our PRAIRIES TEA is amber-colored with a slightly herbaceous flavor and berry notes, perfect for drinking at any time of day. Sea Buckthorn is rich in antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids, at levels similar to those found in green tea.


Our Prairies Tea is a byproduct of Coen Farm’s rich and thriving livestock permaculture ecosystem. Coen Farm brilliantly makes the most of the land they have while keeping their ecosystem in balance. In the fall, Coen Farms harvests Sea Buckthorn berries and leaves. Coen Farm uses most of the berries for their signature berry mix, but some are set aside, blanched to remove the waxy outer coating and then dehydrated. We use both these dehydrated berries and the harvested Sea Buckthorn leaves for our Prairies Tea, making our Sea Buckthorn tea quite unique.50g (about 25 cups)

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