Macro Kelp Sea Salt from British Colombia

Macro Kelp Sea Salt from British Colombia

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Flavor: Crisp, light, slightly umami
Perfect Pairings: roasted seasonal vegetables, grilled fish & seafood
Latin name: (macro kelp) Macrocystis pyrifera

Our sea salt is hand-harvested in the cold, clear waters of Oyster Bay, British Colombia. This blend has a beautifully balanced salinity & a dash of umami from the sea weed. The kelp not only brings forth more flavor, it offers an incredible wealth of mineral elements & micro-nutrients such as iodine. It pairs perfectly with roasted vegetables & enhances the delicate flavors of the sea.

Harvest Notes:

Once the water is drawn from the bay, it goes through a seven step filtration process ending with micro filtration. After this extensive filtration, the water is kettle boiled before the evaporation process and salt crystal formation begins.

The macro kelp sustainably harvested & then air dried at temperatures below 38°C/100°F ensuring no valuable nutrients are lost during the drying process.


Farm Partners

Salt harvested in: Oyster Bay, British Colombia by The Vancouver Salt Co
Macro kelp sustainably harvested in: Barkley Sound, British Colombia by Canadian Kelp

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