LAVENDER EARL GRAY - Limited Edition

LAVENDER EARL GRAY - Limited Edition


Premium, 100% traceable tea

Flavor: bold, malty, deeply citrusy, slightly floral

Our LAVENDER EARL GRAY tea is a modern twist on an exquisite classic. The flavor of the lavender rounds out this bold, slightly malty, and deeply citrusy tea. Our Lavender Earl Gray tea is perfect for those who love a good Earl Gray, but are ready to adventure a little farther afield and embrace this lovely floral twist.


Our Earl Gray tea is produced and blended in Dooars, India. It is there, in the southern foothills of the Himalayas, a region which is somewhat closed off to outsiders, that the magic happens. The high daytime temperatures there result in a greenhouse-like effect and bring forth the bold, natural maltiness of the tea.

The organic bergamot is cultivated in Italy, where its peel is processed to produce a citrusy essence. Mixing this essence with the black tea leaves lends our Earl Gray a very complex flavor.

The lavender in this blend comes from the lush lands of Applehill Lavender in southern Ontario. This farm’s history can be traced back over a hundred years. The lavender field is set amidst a bountiful, third generation apple orchard.

50g (about 25 cups)

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