Fresh Cut Culinary Herb Share (CSA: Edmonton Only)

Fresh Cut Culinary Herb Share (CSA: Edmonton Only)

from 10.00

What you get:

+ 100% traceable culinary herbs & edible flowers for 1, 6 or 12 weeks
+ 3-4 different culinary herbs and/or edible flowers in each share depending on what is ready for harvest

What’s Community Supported Agriculture anyways?

A system which allows us, as your farmer, to plan better & share with you the up-front cost of planting our crops. In return for your investment in us, we offer you a weekly bounty of fresh culinary herbs & edible flowers straight from the farm. You also get the very best of the crop, right when it’s in it’s prime.

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Farm Partner: The Northern Table

Our founders — Melanie + Thomas — farm on a piece of land just outside Edmonton owned by the Seutter family. Melanie studies herbalism & is the green thumb of the operation, while Thomas helps with all things heavy-lifting. Because of her studies, they focus mainly on culinary herbs, tisane herbs (to make herbal teas) & edible flowers.