Fleur De Sel from British Colombia

Fleur De Sel from British Colombia


Flavor: Crunchy, delicate salinity

Perfect Pairings: bbq seasonal vegetables, red meats & freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

Our fleur de sel (salt flakes) is hand-harvested in the cold, clear waters of Oyster Bay, British Colombia. It’s larger flakes are not meant to be used in cooking. Instead, it should be sprinkled over top of your favorite dishes, as a finishing touch. It provides a lovely salinity & a slight crunch.

Harvest Notes:

Once the water is drawn from the bay, it goes through a seven step filtration process ending with micro filtration. After this extensive filtration, the water is kettle boiled before the evaporation process and salt crystal formation begins.

50 grams


Farm Partners

Salt harvested in: Oyster Bay, British Colombia by The Vancouver Salt Co
Macro kelp sustainably harvested in: Barkley Sound, British Colombia by Canadian Kelp

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