Breakfast Tea - ASSAM

Breakfast Tea - ASSAM


Premium, 100% traceable tea

Flavor: bold, malty

Our ASSAM breakfast tea is exactly as it should be: the perfect cup every time, regardless of whether it’s black or with milk and a lump or two. Assam has a particularly pleasant balance, with a touch of maltiness on the finish. Despite its name, Assamis the tea to be had in the afternoon, served with a treat and shared with a friend, when yet another cup of coffee is not the answer.


Our Assam tea is produced and blended in Dooars, India. It is there, in the southern foothills of the Himalayas, a region which is somewhat closed off to outsiders, that the magic happens. The high daytime temperatures there result in a greenhouse-like effect and bring forth the bold, natural maltiness of the tea.

50g (about 25 cups)

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