Three ways to use up old, dry or stale bread.

Sidewalk citizen bakery bread calgary

One of my all time favorite treats is good sourdough bread. Maybe it feels comforting to me because of the time I spent in San Francisco (which is the capital of sourdough.. at least to me) or maybe it’s because I have an easier time digesting sourdough than any other bread. Whatever the cause, ask anyone who knows me closely and they will tell you without a doubt that I am more of a savory kind of gal, no so much into sweets.. very much into sourdough bread.

So, when I made my very first order with The Organic Box, I went looking for sourdough. Sidebar: Grab your 20$ discount code in the footer of this post. I got myself a loaf of Red Fife Sourdough from Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. They day I received the box, it was the item I was looking the most forward to. It smelled like heaven.

Now, you and I both know that fresh bread doesn’t last forever, and for some reason, I only got through about half of the loaf before it started to get a little too dry, so I have some tips for you on how to use up that dry bread. Whatever you do, don’t throw it away!


I don’t care how hard that bread gets, if there is no mold on it, it’s perfectly fine to eat!


In case you're not sure of exactly what you can do with old, dry bread, I've put together three ways to use up that bread.

easy french toast with old sourdough bread
simple french toast with old sourdough bread

Early on, make french toast

It’s a classic way to use up bread that is beginning to go stale. Just slice it thick and dunk each side of the slices in a mixture of raw, beaten egg & almond milk. To flavor the mix, add maple syrup, vanilla & cinnamon.

Then, in a hot pan, cook with a little butter or coconut oil until each side is nice and golden. Serve up with your favorite jams, molasses, nut butter or more maple syrup.

Not fully dry, have it in broth

That same day, I cut a nice thick slice of the old sourdough bread and had it with a steaming mug of chicken stock. Now, this could be veggie stock, beef stock or your favorite soup. The idea here is that when you dunk it in the hot liquid the bread soaks up all the goodness and becomes soft again.

Word to the wise, don’t just pop the bread right up in there unless you’re okay with the super soggy texture that ensues. Just dunk and eat!

simple croutons and arugula salad
simple sourdough croutons

Fully dry, hello croutons

Even after those two meals, there was about two large slices left. So I cut it into large cubes and lay them on a cookie sheet. I waited about 24 hours (you can wait as long as you need for your croutons to be completely dry). Once they are completely dry you can put them away in a mason jar with a cupcake liner + a ring for the lid. Or you can do like I do and make a big ol' salad with lots of croutons.


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