Rustic Farro with Kale & Mushroom


love the earthy flavors of this dish.

It’s rich, filling & feels like comfort food without all the extra fat that usually entails. I know that mung beans & farro take a little bit of extra time to cook, but they are so worth adding to the rotation in your kitchen.

Plus, if you make them [farro & mung beans] plain you can use them in other recipes throughout the week.

This year, I started eating farro. It's not something I was familiar with until I met a lovely farmer from Gold Forest Grains. It's has a nutty sort of taste that I am really fond of and pairs delightfully well with mushroom, tomato & kale.

Over the past few seasons, I've made it into soups & salads but I had never tried it quite like this before. So one night, as I was beginning to wonder what I should serve up for dinner (and therefore rummaging through my fridge) it came to me.

I wanted a way to use the remaining Kale that I got from Riverbend Gardens as it was starting to look sad in the crisper. Granted, it had been there for an extended stay, so I couldn't possibly blame it for wanting out!

Together, these simple ingredients form one of my favorite dishes to date. One that will surely make it into our rotation on a more frequent basis & one I never have to hear "not this again" about.

Yup. The man of the house loves it too! Muaha.




½ C mung beans
½ C farro
½ yellow onion
2 C bella mushrooms
2 C kale
2 C tomatoes
1 t apple cider vinegar
2 T coconut oil 


First, cook your mung beans & farro according to the package instructions, takes about 25 mins.
When there are about 10 minutes left on cooking your beans & farro, start the mushrooms in a medium pan with 1 T coconut oil.
Let your mushrooms sweat & when the pan is almost dry, deglaze with a splash of apple cider vinegar.
Add onion, tomato, mung beans, farro with the remaining coconut oil.
Once it thickens up, add the kale & when it turns bright green it’s ready to serve!



For a single serving

¼ C mung beans
¼ C farro
¼ yellow onion
½ C bella mushrooms
½ C kale
½ C tomatoes
½ t apple cider vinegar
1 t coconut oil 

Follow the steps above, for a super quick solo dinner.. or make the whole recipe & have your leftovers for lunch!