Quick Pickle Red Cabbage

Pickled and fermented cabbage are two of the staples in our house. They go with everything and add a touch of zing or spice to an otherwise heavy meal like Turkish Baked Potatoes

Now, there are a million ways to pickled cabbage and so many of them are really yummy that it can be hard to chose a recipe that floats your boat. However, I always try to opt for the basic half vinegar half filtered water version and go from there. Using that as a base, you can easily choose a flavour profile that suits you and your family.

Looking to add a bit of heat? Go for chilli flakes.

Looking for a more traditional feel? Pepper & bay usually does the trick. It really depends on what you’re after.

The beauty of these pickles is they take a quick minute to make, but you can store them in the fridge for months. They will also keep developing their flavour as time goes on, so the longer they hang out, the more tasty they get. You just can’t lose.


Makes 2 jars

2 C cabbage, thinly chopped

2 C filtered water
1 C white vinegar
1 C white wine vinegar
1 T honey
1 T salt

½ t chilli flakes
1 bay leaf
½ t whole peppercorns


5 mins prep

In one 1 C jar, add chili flakes & in the other add the bay leaf along with the peppercorns.
Chop your cabbage as thinly as you can and pack it into your mason jars.
The tighter you pack it the better your pickles will be and the less likely they are to go bad.
Mix together the water, vinegars, honey & salt to make your pickling liquid.
Once the salt & honey have dissolved, pour the liquid over the cabbage to fill the jars.
Use your finger to pack them in even more and release as much air as possible.
Leave the jars on the counter for at least an hour then store them in the fridge. 

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