Our Nordic Christmas Table: Gather & Feast

Holiday gathering recipes by The Nomadic Wife | Emilie Iggiotti Photography

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I'm at the stage of my life where, with our first baby on the way, I'm considering deeply what it means to have family traditions. I'm trying to be mindful of keeping a thread that links back our roots while developing new traditions that are, dare I say it, better aligned with our lifestyle.

Christmas Tablescape | The Nomadic Wife | Photography By Emilie
Christmas Tablescape | The Nomadic Wife | Photography By Emilie

Make new traditions.

From my past, I bring forward some quintessential Canadian Christmas dinner traditions. At the center of it all is the act of gathering as many people as I can until our home is bursting at the seams. I adore when people I know & love congregate around a table laden with tourtière, currant sauce, Hasselback potatoes on the side, sugar pie & pouding chômeur. While some things need to be left as they were 50 years ago — such as the perfect roasted turkey — I'll admit to having added my own twist to many of these recipes.

Being the slightly more conscious eater now than my mother was at my age, I've started to include large salads & other veggie-filled sides in our holiday feast. It fills my plant-based heart to the brim to see brightly colored veg mixed into the the more traditional dishes of my past.

Who says you can’t have kale salad or green juice during the holidays?

Friends from far & wide

Christmas has a knack for stirring the pot for many of us. Most of our friends here in the city are transplants just like us and spend Christmas far from those they hold dear & wish to break bread with the most. However, I must admit that I have grown to love the delights of sharing our holiday table with friends, old and new, who've come from near and far to share a meal & bask in the holiday vibes.

There’s something quite wonderful about growing a new family in a different city.

I try to see the beauty in every aspect of the holidays and extend a heart filled with love to those who struggle with the season. I’ve been there, in that place where it seems like the holidays will never be the same. It’s for these people, and our nostalgic friends, that I open our home in an attempt to to keep the magic and whimsy of it alive. So here’s to gathering as many of your loved ones as you can & celebrating the heck out of the holidays, no matter what past years were like.

Christmas Tablescape | The Nomadic Wife | Photography By Emilie

Abundance & Feast

Despite coming from simple roots, the feeling of abundance was always present around the Christmas table, so I've made a point to keep it overflowing.. only with healthier options than its vintage counterpart.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas recipes for you to try & perhaps spark the beginning of a new tradition of your own.