Minty Pickled Beet Salad

simple beet salad with goat cheese and mint - the nomadic wife
pickled beet salad with goat cheese and mint - the nomadic wife



Pickled beets from my mother's kitchen

I remember a day when I was fourteen & I was watching the snow fall on the lawn of our family home. It was nice and toasty inside, but outside, a big ol' Canadian storm was brewing.

I paced back from our kitchen patio doors to the stairs and down to the basement, where my mother stored row upon row of jars filled to the brim with a liquid that seemed black as night in the dimly lit storage room.

Bettraves 2004, was scribbled on the top of the two-part mason lid, perfect. I knew they had only been made for a few weeks, in the late fall. My mother insisted that they ought to remain there gathering dust for at least a few months before we ate them, but I just couldn't help myself.

I snuck back up into the kitchen, untwisted the ring of the lid and with the help of the side of a fork removed the sealed disk to the sound of a satisfying pop.

I plunged the fork tines into the dark wine-colored liquid, and it found its target quickly. In one swift move, I went from jar to mouth and crunched down on the very first tangy pickled beet of the year. As always, it was the perfect harmony between the earthy sweetness of the beet & the tangy vinegar of the brine.

simple beet salad with goat cheese and mint - the nomadic wife

Beets straight from the jar & on every plate

These days, I still make my mother's pickled beets in the fall, except that now I no longer need to sneak around to eat them by the pint. I'm the only one in our home who enjoys the perfect balance between the sweet root & the sour vinegar.

While eating them like this still has a fond place in my heart, I also serve them as a side dish or plop a jar of them on the table next to the salt & pepper, just in case.

simple beet salad with goat cheese and mint - the nomadic wife
simple beet salad with goat cheese and mint - the nomadic wife

Beet Salad for lunch

Today's recipe is a little salad I enjoy when I manage to convince myself that an entire pint of beets doesn't qualify as lunch. You can lay this salad on a bed of mixed greens with a little olive oil or serve it up with your favorite crackers. It's simple, but not overly so, and brings a vivid color to the plate when the rest of the world is otherwise turning white.




Makes 2 portions

1 pint jar of pickled beets
¼ - ½ C goat cheese
1 T dry mint
Salt to taste

* serve with sprouts & crackers or on top of greens with a drizzle of olive oil.



5 mins prep 

  1. To make the pickled beets, simply follow this recipe but use beets.

  2. Once your jars have sat for a few weeks, place beets on a plate with a good sprinkle of salt, mint & a dollop of goat cheese.

  3. From there you can add your favorite crackers and call it a snack or put this on top of salad greens with olive oil and call it a light lunch.