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I try to stay away from cookbooks and food blogs for the most part because I am utterly petrified by the thought of becoming a watered down version of someone else.

Not that this ever could truly happen, being the silly unicorn that I am, but never the less I try to stay away a much as possible. That is, until today.

I was at the bookstore with Thomas and I was eagerly browsing the shelves in multiple sections when a HUGE book caught my eye. It was there, at eye level, peeking out at me and calling me to it. I should have pushed on by and ignored it, it was in the cookbook aisle after all, but I just couldn't help myself.

So I reluctantly picked it up off the shelf and let the weight of its 800+ pages settle gently into the palms of my hands.

The volume was impressive but minimalistic all at once and upon reading the name of the author I instantly knew I had to take it home with me.

Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken

Magnus Nilsson, a chef which I greatly admire for his resourcefulness and adamant desire to elevate the produce local to him, had crossed my path before through a wonderful documentary on Netflix. I fell in love with his ideals & values almost immediately and vowed to one day reserve a seat at his restaurant, no matter the distance I had to travel to get to its remote location.

Now, I have a little bit of him in my kitchen & he brings with him hundreds of years of food culture. I've had so many "ah-ha" moments since I began reading that I wouldn't know where to begin explaining it to you. Needless to say, I am devouring and savoring his book all at once.

I feel like a greedy child in a candy store. I want to keep turning the pages and take it all in but I also want to pause and put it all into action.

What are your favorite cookbooks or sources of inspiration?

Leave me a message below to let me know! 

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