Carrot Soup with Lentil & Lovage

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Recipe created in partnership with Riverbend Gardens x their CSA program

This week is one for the books.

Our downstairs freezer thawed out (because the door was left ajar) causing very little loss, mind you, but still. Then as if trying to make up for the lack of frost in the basement, the fridge opted to freeze most of our produce. Great.

So what is a gal to do with just shy of three full CSA shares of produce that is either frost-damaged or frozen? Well, stock up the freezer of course.

So, the next few recipes on the journal will address some easy-does-it freezer friendly recipes and tips for freezing things!

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Today’s recipe is carrot soup with celery, lentil & lovage.

A whole head of celery went into this soup, leaves and all. The stems were frozen solid when I added them in, but I paid no mind as I knew that the flavor would remain and the soup was going to get blended regardless.

Carrots do this neat little thing with frost, at least when they are still in the ground, where they become considerably sweeter once they are exposed to the cold soil temperatures. Now, I’m not ready to say that my fridge fiasco made the carrots sweeter, but they sure were a particularly pleasant bunch when I nibbled on the bits from the discard pile.



Carrots: Riverbend Gardens
Celery: Feather & Hill Farm
Spruce Tip Salt, Fresh Lovage : The Northern Table
Bee Pollen: Good Morning Honey


MAKES 10 rolls


1 head of celery
5 lbs carrots
1 stem of lovage
1 T apple cider vinegar
1 C red lentils, dry
1 L vegetable stock
1 L chicken broth
2 T turmeric


1 t bee pollen
1 t hemp hearts
Spruce Tip & Rosemary Sea Salt


Prep 15 mins - 15 mins COok

  1. Cut the carrots, lovage & celery into paces. It doesn’t have to be perfect or perfectly uniform as this soup will get blended later.

  2. In an instant pot set to simmer, add the vegetables and cook until fragrant.

  3. Stop the instant pot and add the apple cider vinegar, stock, broth, turmeric & lentils.

  4. Set to Soup & Stew for 15 mins and let the pressure release on it’s own.

  5. Using an immersion blender, blend the soup until smooth & serve with pollen, hemp hears & a good sprinkling of salt.

  • If you do not have a pressure cooker, this soup can be made on the stove top following the same directions - just stir occasionally until everything is tender and then blend away!