A slice of life & Saskatoon Picking at Grey Arrow Farm

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behind the scenes of our life, our family & our business

Experiencing Life Fully

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to experience life fully.. and about what it might look like to be, dare I say it happier.

I don’t often take the time to slow down, or go out of my way to do “fun” things in this chapter of my life. I justify this decision (it’s always a decision) by telling myself that there are things to get done. Orders to fill. Clients to high five. Wholesale customers to follow up with. That’s just on the shop end. There’s also weeds to be pulled, CSAs to be filled & a little time spent each week trying to help out Heather of Feather & Hill (who actually doesn’t need my help because she’s got her stuff down to a science).

All of that, is just business. I also have a boy to feed, a man to organize and a household to run (but again, who doesn’t). I digress. It’s just A LOT.

I have to put it out there, as it’s not always easy to read tone in writing, that I absolutely ADORE my work, my son, my family & Auntie Vic (our nanny) and her man Uncle Max who are basically family also. This isn’t a complaint. I made my life the way it is. I love the fast paced-ness of it. The stimulation & challenges, both mental and physical. But it’s not often, fun.

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So I picked something, fun!

So yesterday, we had a day that was PACKED. I had to go harvest our herb CSA shares over at the farm & deliver to some wholesale clients. I also had a 6PM meeting & delivery scheduled with Kristin of Fifth Gen Garden (but more on that later).

I was aching to enjoy myself, breathe a little & have Little E experience something he’d never experienced before ( I didn’t know this, but it was a double first, as Vic - seen in the photos with E - also had never been saskatoon picking!). So when Andrea of Grey Arrow Farm reached out to invite us to pick their Saskatoons I jumped on that in a hot second!

What a treat it was to pop by and say hi to the ever so helpful Denis (I may have asked a multitude of questions about growing, harvesting & curing garlic). We didn't get to see Andrea, who surely was busy getting things done but we did get to spend just under and hour picking succulent saskatoon berries!

E may have eaten a fair bit of them while we picked too, after he decided he liked them! Yes. It was his first saskatoons & suddenly he sure was just living his best life.

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None of the things I do could even be remotely possible with support. Your support as clients. The support of our wholesale customers. The support of Tom who works his tail off so I don’t have to be the one paying our rent while I grow the business.

But also, at the center of all of this is Vic. She makes it all possible. Childcare folk are under celebrated. People often go unseen unless something goes sideways… and let me tell you she is often the one who keeps things from going sideways and for that I am so deeply grateful!