At The Northern Table we are committed to rekindling the love between people and Canadian ingredients. We have so much abundance here & so many dedicated people who work & harvest from our beautiful land. We are dedicated to working with Farmers and Foragers who pride themselves in the quality of the ingredients they harvest.

Discover our CANADIANA line.


Just like you, we are world citizens & very much in love with the beauty that other cultures & countries have to bring to the table. With this in mind, we are sourcing a handful of ingredients from around the world through transparent supply chains. We offer herbs & teas that are fair trade & organic, and have a story behind them.

Discover our FARTHER AFIELD line.


The Northern Table sources only premium quality ingredients directly from the Canadian farmers who grow them & through our import partners. In working directly with people who operate the farms or those who have visited the farms themselves, we have first hand knowledge of the farming practices involved and the freshness of the resulting products.


These days, the herb, spice & tea trade is governed by opaque supply chains and mysterious origins. At The Northern Table we want to connect people with the sources of their food more than anything. Therefore, every product in our line can be connected to the farmer (or farmers) who grew it.