The Nomadic Wife Canadian-ish Gift Guide

Holy holidays! I can't believe it's close enough now that it can be counted in days. It seems insane to me to think that tomorrow morning we will be embarking on a journey to go see our relatives across the country to celebrate yet another revolution around the sun.

In good holiday cheer, I thought that this year I could share with you some of my most favorite finds. In no particular order, though some of the people who will be receiving these gifts can probably figure out which one is theirs. Meh. So be it. Long gone are the days where surprises make up most of the fun in gift unwrapping, well.. at least for us.

I believe in a slightly more utilitarian, local when possible, approach to gift giving. I really don't see the use of giving something to someone if I'm not sure it'll be used & loved. That's just me. To each her own.

Without further ado, here's the roundup of my favorites this season. My list of gifts that keep on giving.

string for pearls teether necklace and a bundle of bows teether bangle

Not only is Missy (of String For Pearls) just about the sweetest gal this side of the Pacific Ocean, but she also makes these darling, functional, beautiful teething necklaces. Even the most stylish of the women I know wouldn't scrunch their nose at wearing one of these, which is a godsend because this one is going to one very stylish woman indeed.

They are made of food grade silicon & hardwood beads. Perfect gift for a new mama (or yourself) because they are that pretty!

The other teether in the first photo is handmade by Ashley from A Bundle Of Bows. It's also wood & silicon. We got it because not all parents are mamas! haha. So we're hoping to make one happy papa with this one!

Up next are Lark Bath & Beauty bars. These bars are GLORIOUS. I've got this one in the shower as we speak & it's divine! Honestly, I may just keep all of these for myself! Haha. They are the perfect stocking stuffer or a gift for a mindful mama who doesn't like commercial soaps. I get it. I totally get it.

Nikki & Courtney (who head this company) are some really cool people to boot! Plus, they're on a mission to bring strong and powerful back to beauty, which just makes my heart sing. 

Up next, harem pants by Zoe Anna of From Harper. They are ULTRA soft and have a TON of diaper room. Perfect for a growing babe. Last I spoke to Zoe Anna, she was in full production mode for Christmas orders, so if you want to get in on the good stuff, order now!

Not sure if you're sensing a theme here yet but we have a few babies in the family this year! Haha. 

Up next, some of my favorite fix-all & feel-good products. (left to right)

Left photo

Tom's products are some of my favorite store bought bathroom goodies. They don't have any of the nasty stuff in them and work perfectly well. They're a touch more expensive than "regular" crap laden pharmacy stuff, but man are they ever worth the extra buck.

It may sound silly to put toothpaste in a stocking, but everyone's gotta brush. Just sayin'.

Up next, Butter Up from Shenaye over at Selah, Be. which has new packaging now but still holds all the same goodness. It's my go to skin fix. It's all moisture and glory in a little pot. Seriously. winters here in Canada are SUPER dry, so take it from a girl who knows dry, this stuff is good!

right photo

That little glass vial holds a mix of essential oils called "white flower". I first started using it when I was in my teens, doing lots of walking, sports & carrying heavy books. It's good for everything from muscle pain to sniffles. I tell everyone I can about it and Tom uses it religiously for aches & pains. It's a tiny bottle that packs a lot of punch & makes a great gift for a fit friend or an aging parent. (You can find it at most health / supplements stores and in most china towns)

Up next Burt Bees chapsticks. Seriously, as far as a quick stocking stuffer for a fashionable friend, this one is at the top of my list. It's simple, comes in a bunch of smells and goes on perfectly. Chapped lips, be gone!

Then there's deodorant (or anything else) from The Honest Company, which is Jessica Alba's way of saying F* you to commercial products full of junk & I'm right there with her. I love their mission & I've tried quite a few products from their line. I haven't ever used one and though "meh", it's always been heart eyes all the way.

Next, shea butter from Now Foods. I used to use this all the time before I discovered Selah, Be. Now, I'll admit I use it a little less but it's a great gift for someone who doesn't like smells. You can't go wrong with plain shea butter & it mixes into a million diy beauty products. So, here's to the DIY'ers on your list. You can also check out their oils line, they've got some good ones.

Up next, we've got shampoo bars from Amy of Plantiful. Shampoo bars are a new concept for me, but they're the perfect gift for the wandering souls in our family. They're small ( aka travel well ) and smell DIVINE. I should have probably gotten one for myself too haha!

On the right, is a darling little pillow I picked up at the Butterdome Craft Fair. I think it's a lovely way to remind the ones we love that we love them! Plus it's made in Canada, so what's not to love?!

Looking for a gift for a foodie friend (or yourself?) well, I figured I'd throw this in for good measure. The Feast of Winter cookbook is on pre-order right now & will be available on Dec 21st, just in time for Christmas. It celebrates easy recipes for the mindful mamas who don't have loads of time but still want to nourish their bodies.

Time to thrive mama! Pre-order your copy here.

Last, but most definitely not the least are these locally printed cards from Plumbheavy. I scored them a while ago when I was shopping for some plants at Laurel's On Whyte. They're printed on thick cardstock which is the perfect way to tie in all the goodness you're giving.

Hope you enjoyed the guide & it inspired you to give more local, loving, useful gifts!
With love & cheer, I'll see you in the new year! <3