Mindful Guide to becoming a morning person: Part 1.


Wake up in the morning a feel sluggish before breakfast is even over? Just about ready to go back to bed within minutes of exiting your morning shower? Doesn’t that just set a bad pace for your day? Become a morning warrior by planning before bed. 

There is something immensely powerful about waking up with purpose. It’s the source of daily drive!

When you wake up wondering what you need to do next it usually winds up looking something like this. 

Hit snooze three or four times, roll out of bed grumping about how you would have liked to hit snooze at least ONE more time before dragging your sorry ass out and getting your day started. You head down to the kitchen, put the kettle / coffee machine on and scroll through the pages of your latest addiction. You half haphazardly put on some toast, because you’re already far behind on what you had intended to do for the day. Grump about the time it takes to make a cup of your favourite hot beverage and realise you’re out of peanut butter, again. 


After going through the motions of wiping the crumbs off the table. You half wonder if you could get away with going back to bed for just another half hour. Laziness goes through the roof, motivation hits rock bottom and you catch yourself wondering if you will be able to sleep tonight if you spend another day watching netflix episodes marathon style. Ah, the guilt. 


In an alternate reality there is a second you who wakes up to a tidy little list of actionable items.


This version of you knows exactly what needs to be accomplished. In this life, you wake up and roll out of bed after the first ring of the first alarm.


Get up, stretch, walk over to the kitchen and put on the kettle. You bust out your phone but only to turn on your morning tunes, and maybe even bust a move. Hey, it’s so early, no one is watching anyways! As you wait for the water to boil, you take a quick peek at your AM task list. Three items. You can handle this. In fact, you’re so in control you won’t even need to break out your big girl pants today. 


With a sleepy smile plastered on your face, you shimmy over to your computer, cup in hand. You’re floating on a cloud and the sun isn’t even up yet. This is going to be a good day. 


Pro tip: Make your lists before going to bed.

Keep lists to a maximum of three AM and three PM items. Long lists just don’t get done. They’re more overwhelming than not having a list at all and really defeat the purpose of having them in the first place.