Lemony Carnival Squash + Kale

Two salads, two completely different flavour profiles. 

Yet using the same base ingredients. Kale & squash are two quintessential fall ingredients. You can put them in salad, soup.. heck, you can even put them in muffins. Good news is, they’re a good base for different flavours and you can play it up any way you like.

Salad number one has lemony sumac and spicy cayenne playing it up for a late summer feeling. It’s rich, decadent and bright. Say goodbye to summer with this delightful mix.

Salad number two has sweet maple syrup and garlicky goodness batting for it’s team. It also layers in nutty potatoes & walnuts. It’s so good you’ll be eating it every week.

This week, the ingredients are simple, the process is simple & the outcomes are yummy for days. So don’t be afraid to play up your fall ingredients with some spices or sauces! Have fun.

Second salad comes out thursday on the blog <3



4-5 kale leaves
1 carnival squash, halved
¼ C sunflower seeds
1 t butter
1 t sumac
1 T olive oil
½ lemon, juiced
Sprinkle cayenne
Salt & pepper 



Cut your squash in half and place face up on a baking sheet.
Spread some butter & sumac on the flesh and bake at 375 for about 35 minutes, checking halfway.
Shred kale by cutting into strips as thin as possible.
Remove squash from the oven and let cool for a few minutes before dicing.
To make dressing mix lemon, olive oil, cayenne, salt & pepper.
To assemble, mix kale, squash, sunflower seeds & mix in the dressing.