10 Simple Tips To Make Your Winter Green Smoothies Warming


I'm incredibly grateful for the circle of women I am surrounded with. They are incredibly insightful and filled with beautiful knowledge. Amy is no exception. 

Late last year she did a heart centered smoothie challenge and it blew my heart wide open. She really meets you where you are, in your reality, and you can feel her love shine through every word she sends. It's not about the smoothies really, it's about accepting yourself, where you are, in your moment and making a small shift towards self-love. Glorious.

She agreed to let me share some of her tips on making your smoothies more warming during the chilly winter months. I don't know about you, and where you live, but golly is it ever cold up here in the winter. So this mama will take all the warming she can get!

warming winter smoothies

Enter Amy.

10 warming tips for green smoothies

Here are just a few twists I take to help support my chi flowing warm and free:

  1. I don’t drink my smoothie first thing. I start with room temp or warm water with two drops of lemon or ginger essential oil to wake and hydrate the body. Then hot coffee or tea. OK, it’s pretty much always coffee. Then gentle movement and my shower. NOW I drink my smoothie. And it’s rarely an icy one.
  2. Add warming herbs and spices! ½ to 1tsp of cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, black pepper, turmeric, vanilla, cardamom, clove, matcha powder, cacao (raw pressed cocoa beans, not cocoa), basil, allspice…
  3. Add warming essential oils for up to 3,000 times the beneficial boost of the powdered spice. For warming smoothies, I add 2-3 drops of ginger, cinnamon, basil, lemon, orange. And rosemary, oregano, and thyme for savory smoothies or interesting mixes.
  4. Let the blade run longer while making the smoothie to literally heat your smoothie. This works best with room temp ingredients and a high-speed blender like my Vitamix.
  5. Add hot ingredients. Warm a sweet potato stovetop (or if you use a microwave) before adding the the Sweet Potato Pie smoothie. Like pie right out of the oven in your glass! Even easier, warm your mylk first.
  6. Add foods that are thought to be energetically warming, even when unheated. Root vegetables (raw or cooked), citrus peel, kale, black strap molasses (hello calcium!), winter squash, apple, dates, hemp seed, pea protein, pear...what foods feel “warming” to you?
  7. Defrost frozen ingredients overnight. Dark cherries are a powerful food. Frozen cherries are- freezing! Use a room temp banana and save the ones in the freezer for the afternoon or a backup plan.
  8. Use all room temp ingredients, except greens from the fridge. Want a creamy mylk base? Instead of cold mylk, use room temp water and add cashews, almonds, flax, or hemp seed to make an instant mylk!
  9. Make your smoothie first thing, then let it warm on the counter while you shower and get ready for your day.
  10. If the more ice the better works for you- keep doing it! If you are forcing down the smoothie and it’s throwing off your groove in other ways, let’s warm it up!  

What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear! Keep getting those greens in, whatever that looks like for you.

Love and healing high fives,


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